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What Is a Medical Home? 
As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, a pediatric medical home is defined as having the following characteristics:
  • The medical care of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults ideally should be accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective.
  • It should be delivered or directed by well-trained providers who provide primary care and help to manage and facilitate essentially all aspects of pediatric care.
  • The provider should be known to the child and family, and be able to develop a partnership of mutual responsibility and trust.1

As your medical home, one of our trusted providers will partner with your family and the patient to ensure that the patient receives all the primary care needs in one place.  This means that your provider will help your family and the patient access and coordinate specialty care, other health care services, educational services, in and out of home care, family support, and other public and private community services that are important to the overall health of your child and your family.

As your medical home, Paso del Norte Pediatrics will render comprehensive care, which includes:

  • Partnership: providing family-centered care by developing a trusting partnership with families, while respecting their diversity and recognizing that they are the constant in a child’s life.1
  • Clarity: sharing clear and unbiased information with your family about your child’s medical care and management and about the specialty and community services and organizations they can access.1
  • Primary care: rendering primary care, including but not restricted to acute and chronic care and preventive services, including breastfeeding promotion and management, immunizations, growth and developmental assessments, appropriate screenings, health care supervision and patient and parent counseling about health, nutrition, safety, parenting, and psychological issues.1
  • Secondary care: assurance that ambulatory and inpatient care for acute illnesses will be continuously available (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year).1
  • Continuity: providing care over an extended period of time to ensure continuity. Transitions, including those to other pediatric providers or into the adult health care system, will be planned and organized with your child and your family.1
  • Referrals: identifying the need for consultation and appropriate referral to a pediatric medical subspecialists and surgical specialists.1
  • Intervention: interaction with early intervention programs, schools, early childhood education and childcare programs, and other public and private community agencies to be certain that the special needs of your child and your family are addressed.1
  • Coordination: provision of care coordination services in which your family, your provider, and other service providers work to implement a specific care plan as an organized team.1
  • Record-keeping: maintenance of an accessible, comprehensive, central record that contains all pertinent information about you or your child, preserving confidentiality.1
  • Assessment: provision of developmentally appropriate and culturally competent health assessments and counseling to ensure successful transition to adult-oriented health care, work, and independence in a deliberate, coordinated way.

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