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Expecting A Baby?

Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences of a lifetime. Paso del Norte Pediatrics would like to welcome you to the journey of parenting and we hope to partner with you throughout your child's physical and developmental milestones.
Choosing a medical home:
Please visit our physicians and nurse practitioners profiles to learn more about each of our Paso del Norte Pediatrics providers.
When You Deliver:
When the happy day has arrived, the hospital staff will ask you which pediatrician you have chosen.  You may either say one of our pediatrician's individual names or simply say
Paso del Norte Pediatrics. The hospital will notify Paso del Norte Pediatrics after you baby is born.
Each day you are in the hospital with your baby, one of our physicians will examine your baby, monitor for jaundice, discuss feeding, and follow any screening tests or other procedures which are performed in the hospital.
On the day of discharge, you should be instructed on when your baby needs the first appointment (usually 1-3 days after discharge). Please call for your baby's first appointment at (915) 590-5600.
Your First Office Visit with Your Newborn:
Please make your first appointment with Paso del Norte Pediatrics 1-3 days after discharge from the hospital or as the discharge physician recommends.
Please bring the following to your first appointment:
  • Any paperwork from the hospital, including hearing screen results and immunization record
  • Any available insurance information (often only parents' insurance is available at this first visit)
  • Plenty of diapers and an extra set of clothes!
  • Please complete the new patient documents prior to your visit.
Lactation Consultations:
Did you know that Paso del Norte Pediatrics now provides lactation consultations to all future moms who are pregnant and planning to breastfeed and/or moms who are new to breastfeeding and would like to learn and/or problem solve about the best way to get a great start.

To schedule a lactation consultation, please first ask your OB for a referral for a breastfeeding consult. You can have your referral e-mailed to our office via our secured Mail Exchange server or faxed at (915) 590-7367. 

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